Technology and Innovation

MM.NET, is MOVIMODA’s proprietary technology focused on processes and performance analysis. WMS which allows global connection of all our warehouses and, thanks to its flexibility, can easily be interfaced with every ERP available on the market.

Technical specifications:

Microsoft platform
.net framework 4.0 technology programming language
Ms sql-server database (oracle optional)
Client architecture for desktop access and iis for mobile access

Control system

Centralized monitoring for hardware, connectivity and additional services

Production continuity

Vistual systems wmware
Ups and generators
24/7 support
Redundant network systems, cluster systems and/or remote back-up site

Technology is an essential support to our work and an important analysis tool to improve performance and process methods.

RF Fashion System


Counting of incoming items by project, article size and color. Automatic, sure, fast. It begins from the supplier's packaging. Warehouse optimization and shorter time-to-market. Increase in supplier performance, drastic decline in conflict with couriers and logistics operators.

100% Valid Readings

The RFID device control software has the structure of a management application for logistics and traceability of garments in stock. Not only a data collector, rather a "real time" feature that can react immediately to RFID detections and control, as consequence of an event, electrical and mechanical devices (photocells and light alarms, automatic transport systems, readers, counters). The software system, independent from the performance of the central ERP system, is able to regulate in real time the power and sensitivity of RFID devices to adapt them to changing read / write conditions contributing, in a determining way, to the achievement of 100% valid readings.


Check of outgoing packages, order verification, picking list. Zeroing shipping errors with equal efficiency. Optimization of logistic personnel: responsibility for the error is transferred to the system with a decrease in the use of temporary resources.


Tracking of the single product, identification of the triggering of the gray market, profiling and loyalty of consumers in exchange for guarantee of authenticity.


Retail owner with plus functional: loading/unloading, inventory, Retail Marketing with booths and / or RFID totems with automatic consumer / product recognition. ROI's improvement from the second season of use of an integrated RF Fashion System.




Movimoda considers safety to be a fundamental aspect for all its processes, both in handling and data, as well as in safeguarding people, goods and infrastructures.


Movimoda operates in full compliance with workplace safety regulations. All systems are equipped with advanced technologies and high standards of internal and external control, coordinated by a dedicated team and by continuous 24/7 surveillance.