People Passion and Vision

Our unique ability to unite passion with strategy, soul with human resources, instinct with market knowledge, emotion with innovation defines our philosophy and shapes our Vision:

To be the most reliable partner for integrated international fashion-logistics.

Our experience is your strength

Tailormade quality and efficiency

Leveraging our experience, knowledge, innovative approach and international presence, we are able to analyze in depth the workflows and needs of our customers, obtaining measurable results.

  • Increase in work-flow efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Streamline stock management and logistics processes
  • Improve operations timing

Human Resources

In line with our Vision, we strongly believe in the importance of each and every team member of the Movimoda Family.

Our team is your power



The Group’s human resources are focused towards obtaining excellence in service, in line with the increasingly tight implementation schedules of the processes. This objective is also pursued and achieved through systematic refresher courses.

New Resources

Movimoda pays particular attention to the continuous inclusion of young people in its staff.
Those new team members grow, within the company, through a training process aimed at preserving its philosophy.



Movimoda is able to provide a customized service based on the specific customers’ needs.


Movimoda identifies the best solution based on parameters shared with the customer.


Movimoda uses its own MM.NET operating system that can be adapted to the project specifications.


Movimoda, thanks to its expertise and experience, provides the most suitable staff for the project development.

Security e Safety

Movimoda carefully guarantees the highest safety standards in its infrastructures, for goods and human resources.


Movimoda, thanks to its complete international logistics supply chain, optimizes time and costs through the best management of IT and goods flows